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YFX Protocol V2

Concentrated Liquidity

Utilizing the concentrated liquidity design of Uniswap V3 with an exponential function based algorithm, liquidity is distributed and aggregated as reasonable as possible on the premise of ensuring a high capital utilization of the maker pool.


Funding assures the trade price stays close to the index price, keeps the balance of open interests between longs and shorts and reduces the risk of liquidity. Funding is exchanged between longs and shorts.YFX does not charge any fees on funding paid or received.

Position Mode

The one-way position mode is brought to YFX-V2, in which users can hold only one position in one market. This is a typical trade experience in normal centralized perpetual exchanges and welcomed by most experienced users.

Conditional Orders

YFX v2 supports conditional orders. Users can place an order with price conditions, and the order will only be fullfilled when the index price meets the conditions. In this way, limit orders, take profit orders and stop loss orders appear in smart contracts for the first time.

YFX Protocol V1
Trading Mechanism
Market Maker Model
No Bankrupt
Orders are completed in two steps, request and pricing.
Because of the latency and uncertainty on blockchain, YFX invents the QIC price quotation system to guarantee the trading efficiency and fairness. Users firstly send an order on blockchain and the QIC index price system will fullfill the order at the price when the order been on chain.
The pioneering QIC-AMM provides fair trading.
The trading price is decided by the the Quoted Index price and Constant integral calculus based Automated Market Maker(QIC-AMM) system which is distributes the balance of the market maker pool by a constant integral calculus formula to make the order book depth distribution fit the normal distribution X~N(indexprice, σ 2).
Market Maker Pool bets against users.
All trades are made against with the Market Maker Pool. For each trading pair, there is a Market Maker Pool to be the counterpart of all user trades. To be a market maker and earn trading fees and profit, you only need to stake the specified settle asset to the Market Maker Pool and redeem your fund from Market Maker Pool at anytime you want.
Enhanced system security through bankruptcy-free design.
In YFX, market maker use a different leverage as traders. In a normal situation, market maker uses 1/5 times of leverage when a trader trade with QIC-AMM. For example, when a trader open a position of 100 USDT, 10x leverage long position, QIC-AMM will use 2x leverage, in this case 500 USDT will be frozen in market maker's account. This mechanism prevent market maker pool liquidation risk by put a cap on winning and losing.
YFX Token
400,000,000 Circulating Supply
5,000,000 Total Supply
100,000,000 Max Supply
3,000,000 Market Cap
5,000,000 YFX Burned
28,761 Holders
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